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If you have read a bit about my bio, raw space weddings are my favorite. So much so, that I would say I am a raw space wedding planning specialist. 90% of our weddings are in bare bones raw spaces and honestly, I wouldn’t have it any other way. With a raw space, you get […]

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What Are The Best Raw Space Wedding Venues in NYC?

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As a recent Jersey City resident, I am so pleased now be a Jersey City Wedding Planner due to the abundance of amazing venues to have a wedding ceremony, reception or other social events. Most of the venues boast panoramic NYC skyline views, have ample parking, amazing food and make it the perfect place to […]

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Best Places in Jersey City to Get Married

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This may come as a surprise to you but summer is one of the least popular times in NYC and the Northeast to get married. While we all imagine summer weddings to be by the sea with a gentle breeze and beautiful flowers, the reality is that temperatures can reach upwards of 100+ Fahrenheit, the […]

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What Are The Best Months in NYC to Get Married?

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You just got engaged and imagined you’d be floating on cloud nine but instead are an anxious mess. All of your friends and family keep asking you if you’ve set a date and providing unsolicited advice and preferences. Unfortunately, for many couples this is their reality. This can lead to planning fatigue, a delay of […]

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When Should I Hire a Wedding Planner?

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Georgina & Rob’s early autumn wedding in Gowanus, Brooklyn was the epitome of Boho Chic. Their gorgeous ceremony and reception site at The Green Building was stunning,  With the use of simple floral accents,  tropical greenery, amber hued candle light and fabric draping, their event was both chic and elegant with a touch of  the […]

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The Green Building Boho Chic Autumn Wedding

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There is so much conflicting information on the internet today regarding weddings. Some blogs encourage brides and grooms to be fierce negotiators; others say the opposite. As a wedding planner, it is often my job to negotiate price on behalf of clients but, as with most industries, negotiations in the wedding industry are not always […]

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What Value Should You Put On the Creative Process?

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It is all too common as a wedding planner that I hear potential and future clients lament about the cost of a modern-day wedding. Some wedding professionals are in denial of this but there is no way around it, weddings are expensive. Sticker shock can be a very real thing when planning a wedding. The […]

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Why Are Weddings So Expensive?

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