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If you have read a bit about my bio, raw space weddings are my favorite. So much so, that I would say I am a raw space wedding planning specialist. 90% of our weddings are in bare bones raw spaces and honestly, I wouldn’t have it any other way. With a raw space, you get […]

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What Are The Best Raw Space Wedding Venues in NYC?

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As a recent Jersey City resident, I am so pleased now be a Jersey City Wedding Planner due to the abundance of amazing venues to have a wedding ceremony, reception or other social events. Most of the venues boast panoramic NYC skyline views, have ample parking, amazing food and make it the perfect place to […]

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Best Places in Jersey City to Get Married

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First off, what is an unplugged ceremony? It is when a couple consciously decides to have all guests refrain from taking photos using their phones, cameras, tablets, or any other device. Why do couples have unplugged ceremonies? 1. So that guests can be fully present during the ceremony. ​In our Instagram crazed  society, many people focus […]

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Why You Should Have an Unplugged Ceremony

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