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If you have read a bit about my bio, raw space weddings are my favorite. So much so, that I would say I am a raw space wedding planning specialist. 90% of our weddings are in bare bones raw spaces and honestly, I wouldn’t have it any other way. With a raw space, you get […]

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What Are The Best Raw Space Wedding Venues in NYC?

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This may come as a surprise to you but summer is one of the least popular times in NYC and the Northeast to get married. While we all imagine summer weddings to be by the sea with a gentle breeze and beautiful flowers, the reality is that temperatures can reach upwards of 100+ Fahrenheit, the […]

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What Are The Best Months in NYC to Get Married?

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​In pop-culture, the only main point of reference to wedding planning are rom-coms full of delighted would-be brides who have binders full of inspiration, contracts and checklists. Usually in these scenarios, never once does it show the bride to be at work, doing laundry or having a mild anxiety attack due to her busy life […]

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Full Service Wedding Planning for the Busy New York Couple

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